The French research teams MOAIS and MESCAL, Grenoble, INRIA/LIG and the Brazilian University UFRGS, Porto Alegre closely collaborate since 1992. This collaboration is centered on: Grid computing tools related to system and application deployment, job scheduling, execution monitoring and visualisation ; Modeling, evaluating and experimenting on large scale computer systems (performance evaluation, experimentations, simulation, emulation) ; New parallel programming paradigms: work stealing, fault tolerance, processor and cache oblivious algorithms, multi-core and multi-GPU programming.

Frequent visits between partners and numerous co-adviced Master and Ph.D. students make it a really fruitful collaboration. It as a strong influence on the development of many of our software tools, including KAAPI, OAR, Kadeploy, Taktuk,…. We also share some of our computing resources. The cluster from UFRGS was integrated in 2009 as the first non european non of the Grid’5000 french experimental grid.

This collaboration has been supported by various grants from different institutions since 1992 (Equipe associée INRIA, CNPQ-INRIA, CAPES-COFECUB, PICS CNRS).

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